About the Author

louise fiolek

Hello, and welcome! My name is Louise Fiolek and I am the author of CanadianCouponSaver.com.

Throughout this website, I aim to provide practical and valuable information for any Canadian wishing to save money. In doing so, my goal is to present exciting techniques to reduce grocery, household and personal expenses through using coupons, finding discounts, deals, freebies, and by passing on the money-saving tips that I have learned through experience.

I have always been interested in saving money, and over the years I've discovered the concept of finding "free money"; that is to say, the ability to recognize and take advantage of money-saving opportunities without needing to compromise on quality. In fact, I firmly believe that the quality of a person's life can be truly fulfilled by saving money to enjoy the finer things in life.

And so CanadianCouponSaver.com was launched in 2012 with an emphasis on helping others to understand and really enjoy the many financially rewarding opportunities that are available to us all here in Canada.

Louise's Background

With a background in Finance, Data Analysis and Freelance Writing, it seemed to me to be an obvious choice to develop an online business where I could pursue my passion and share my knowledge with others. Building a website has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember.

Having the freedom to work from home, or indeed anywhere in the world, is certainly idealistic for a lot of people. I was motivated by the idea of setting my own hours and generating a stream of passive income for years to come. I absolutely love to travel (as I mentioned earlier, I like to save money so that I can enjoy the finer things in life) and so it greatly appeals to me to be able to run my website on any one of the many beautiful beaches in this world.

Last year, I discovered Site Build It, and quickly realized that anyone can build a business around a hobby or interest by following a simple and proven pattern of success. From that day, I started to build CanadianCouponSaver.com, my first content-based website business, and the first step in my journey for a passive income.

My Goals for CanadianCouponSaver.com

By building an informative and fun website about how to save money in Canada, I hope to provide valuable information to my readers and help them to save money so that they may experience more things that they truly want in life.

If you have any questions, comments, or wish to share any money-saving tips of your own, then please do feel free to contact me; your feedback is very welcome!