Earn up to $5000 Cash Back Online Quickly and Legitimately!

Want to earn $5,000 cash back online? No, this isn't a scam. In fact, this is a perfectly legitimate way for you to earn some extra dollars and save a heap of money at the same time! It's based around the concept of earning online rebates by shopping through a website called Ebates Canada.

How would you like to receive a big fat cheque just from shopping as usual on the Internet? To start with, you could expect to receive anything from 1-10% cash back online, just by shopping at Canadian stores through Ebates!

As if that isn't already a nice way of putting money back into your own pocket, you could also earn extra cash just by telling your friends about this great money-saving opportunity. Find out more about these bonuses by clicking here.

An Overview of Ebates Canada

Let's say that you're a big lover of shoes, and are looking for the latest cute strappy sandals or pumps. By shopping online at Naturalizer Canada through the Ebates Canada website you would earn 5% cash back on your purchase. Not only that, but any available coupon codes would also open up to you, as well.

Hey, you've just discovered another great reason to to buy more shoes!

Here is a list of just some of the participating Canadian stores, and the cash back that you could expect to receive by shopping through Ebates Canada:

  • Vistaprint: 5% Cash Back
  • Old Navy Canada: 4% Cash Back
  • Sony Style Canada: 1.5% Cash Back
  • Gap Canada: 2% Cash Back
  • Newegg Canada: 1.5% Cash Back
  • Roots Canada: 2.5% Cash Back
  • Avon Canada: 4% Cash Back
  • Groupon: 3% Cash Back
  • Chapters/Indigo: 1.5% Cash Back
  • Apple Store: 1% Cash Back
  • Sears Canada: 1% Cash Back
  • Home Depot: 3% Cash Back
  • Naturalizer Canada: 5% Cash Back
  • Dell Canada: 2% Cash Back
  • Expedia: 1% Cash Back

Important: to earn cash back online at any of these stores you must go through the links on the Ebates Canada website. This is so that their clever tracking system can keep track of your purchases to ensure that you get paid the right amount.

How to Get Started

First you would need to sign up for a free account. Registering with Ebates Canada is very easy and you can start earning cash back online right away. You'll be up and running in less than 15 seconds. All you need to submit is your email address and a chosen password!

As soon as you've joined Ebates Canada, a whole new online shopping experience will open up to you!

Be sure to select "Canada" at the top of the main page.

Then, just browse through the directory of Canadian stores and choose from categories like clothing, computers, health and beauty, jewelry, travel and so on. Alternatively, you may elect to "see all Canada stores" to view the participating stores and the current online rebates and coupons available.

How Do You Get Paid?

Once you have completed a transaction, you will be credited with the qualifying amount of cash back, right into your Ebates Canada account. This usually takes around 48 hours to process, although it depends on how quickly each store confirms your purchase and so on some occasions it may take longer.

Cash back is paid via cheque or PayPal every 3 months subject to meeting the minimum earning requirements, which is currently $5.01. That's great because unlike some other programs you don't have to wait long before you qualify for payouts. You may also elect to donate your online rebates to charity or to a family member, should you decide to do so.

How to Earn Big Bonuses!

On the surface, it looks as through there is potential to earn a few dollars when you sign up for this program, but it really runs a lot deeper than that. What if I told you that you could earn $5,000 dollars just by spreading the word and helping other people to save money?

The more people you refer, the more money you would make.

Here's what you need to know:

Basic Earning Potential:

  • As a bonus for signing up, you receive a free $5.00 bonus credited to your account when you make your first purchase.
  • Then, for each friend you refer, you each earn an additional $5.00 bonus. That means that if you refer 20 qualifying friends then you receive a bonus of $100.

Refer a Friend Bonus Rewards:

  • Refer 3 and get an additional $30
  • Refer 10 and get an additional $100
  • Refer 25 and get an additional $250
  • Refer 50 and get an additional $500 or the new iPad
  • Refer 100 and get a total $1,000 bonus!
  • Refer 200 and get a total $2,000 bonus!
  • Refer 300 and get a total $3,500 bonus!
  • Refer 400 and get a total $5,000 bonus!

Are you ready to earn BIG cash back online? Get started by signing up for Ebates Canada today!

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