Your Guide to Coupon Clipping in Canada Starts Here!

Started coupon clipping yet? If you've decided to build up a coupon binder then you've probably already checked out the Grocery section of this website and signed up to some coupon mailing services as well as found some printable coupons. You may have already got those scissors out and begun clipping coupons already - excellent!

Once you've checked out all the places for finding coupons, then you should already be getting a nice steady stream of coupons to clip and sort. If you don't have the time you need to gather all the coupons that you want, you could always try looking for a coupon clipping service in Canada to help you out. It really depends on your own preference and how much time you want to dedicate to couponing.

Time to get Organized!

Regardless of your method of collecting coupons, you'll certainly want to sort them and file them in a manageable binder. This is especially important to set yourself up for success when you hit those stores.

When I first started coupon clipping, I only really had a few coupons to start with, and just kept them in my purse so that they were handy to redeem at the store. After a while, I found that I had so many that keeping them stuffed in my purse was no longer an option!

When the time came to grab the coupons out of my purse at the checkout, I was unorganized and unprepared. Not wanting to upset any more cashiers, or other customers waiting in line behind me, I knew that it was time to get organized!

At that point, I realized that coupon clipping wasn't just about using a pair of scissors to cut out a coupon or two. It's about sorting and organizing them into a manageable coupon binder that you can take with you to the store. You'll soon realize that at the time of checkout (or even while browsing around the store) it's really important to be able to quickly access the coupons that you need.

You don't have to spend a lot of time on this. Personally, I like clipping coupons just once a week, while I'm sitting down watching TV or just relaxing. I just collect all the envelopes from the mail, check the latest printable coupons, and then clip and file away. Coupon clipping once a week is far more efficient than doing it every day.

Do you have an effective method of organizing coupons that you would like to share? Write about it here!

My Method of Coupon Clipping and Organizing

Step #1: Buy a Coupon Binder

coupon binder

I chose to buy an expandable wallet-type binder such as the one shown here. It's a really handy size and easily holds hundreds of coupons. This organizer includes stickers so that I can label each section with the different product types.

There are many different organizers available to buy online that will easily do the job. Here are a few different binders that I would recommend from Amazon Canada that would help you with your coupon clipping:

This coupon binder is an expandable pouch with 24 blank file tabs - the great feature is that it attaches to the shopping cart so that the coupons won't fall out!

A portable organizer that includes 12 monthly sections that enable you to organize coupons as well as recipes. Ideal for anyone who wants to save time and money in both the grocery store and the kitchen!

CouponMom organizer easily into the child seat of most shopping carts. Comes packed with everything you need for quick, productive trips to the store. Includes 30 custom clear pages, six pockets per page.

Step #2: Label the Sections

It's really up to you how you label the sections within your binder, but it needs to make sense for your shopping habits. I label mine:

- Food & Drink
- Household/Cleaning
- Pharmacy
- Beauty/Skin Care
- Baby/Kids
- Pets
- Misc

and then at the back I have a section for specific in-store coupons.

coupon binder

Step #3: Sort Coupons Into Piles
Next, it's just a matter of sorting your coupons into piles; one pile for each category. Once that's done, I sort through each pile and put any that are soon to expire (next four weeks) at the top of their respective pile. This will remind me to use, trade or donate those coupons before they expire. I'll also put my favorite coupons near the top, too, because I will use those most frequently.

coupon binder

Step #4: File Them Away
That's it! File the piles of coupons into the sections you've created for them, and you've mastered the "art" of coupon clipping.

You've successfully sorted all your Canadian coupons into a manageable binder and now you're ready to take on the world!

coupon binder

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