Coupon Swapping Increases Your Supply Of Useable Coupons!

Coupon swapping is one of the ways to really maximize your savings. Trade coupons, have fun and save a bundle!

After spending a week or so collecting coupons to build up your binder, you probably find yourself looking at some of them and thinking "Am I ever really going to use that coupon?" That's OK, I've been there too.

My husband used to think it was quite odd when I collected coupons for things we never use, but when I explained to him that I would swap them for coupons we need, I think he understood. He was just afraid that I was going to start buying things that we never use.

The biggest mistake we can probably make in couponing is to use buy a product that we would never usually buy just because we have a coupon for it. We're really not saving money if we start buying stuff that we wouldn't otherwise buy.

That's where coupon swapping comes in. You see, there are just tons of couponers in Canada who are ready and waiting to trade some of those coupons with you. Dog food or baby diaper coupons might be no good to you, but believe me - they are like gold dust to people that have dogs or babies!

And so for that reason, I collect all the (decent) coupons that I can, and then start coupon swapping with others. It's fun!

You know, coupon swapping reminds me of those good old days in the school playground, where kids would trade sports cards or something similar, chanting "need it, need it, got it, need it, got it". Trading things is just built in to human nature, I guess!

Coupon swapping is a more grown-up version of course, but there's no reason why you can't have fun in the process. By mastering the art of trading coupons, you will be able to turn all those unwanted coupons into ones that will be useful to you, and you'll certainly make some friends along the way.

The best thing about coupon swapping? When that envelope arrives in the mail, and it's full of money-off coupons for the things you buy every week! You've succeeded in turning unwanted coupons into real money-saving opportunities. Now that's a great feeling!

So here's a few ways that you can get started:

Friends and Family

If any of your friends of family collect coupons, now is a good time to get together and compare binders.

If you don't yet know anyone that enjoys couponing, then why not tell some of your friends and family about it? As you learn how to coupon and build your coupon binder, start to tell people about about the money-saving deals that you have found so far.

Hand out a few free coupons to the people you know and tell them how much you're saving on your weekly groceries. Let them know that they can do it, too! As your savings grow, family and friends will watch you, learn from you, and start collecting their own coupons. You'll be trading coupons with them in no time.

Facebook Groups

Join a Facebook group set up for couponers in your local area, or even Canada-wide. There are many groups available; just pick one that's right for you.

Get to chatting with the other members in the group and then post your tradelist or wishlist for others to see. Browse other tradelists in the group and you will be negotiating in no time!

The Facebook group that I belong to also holds regular coupon swapping events, where the whole group meets up in a local Shopping Mall and trades each other's coupons once a month.

Coupon Forums

Register with a coupon forum on a Canadian website. You will find that online coupon forums are available on several Canadian websites and they are an excellent way of comparing deals with other couponers. You can post tradelists, wishlists and share tips and tricks that you learn along the way.

Coupon forums sometimes offer Coupon Trains, a cool couponing technique that you'll learn more about in the next section of my "How to Coupon" guide.

The Rules of Coupon Swapping

While there are no rules really set in stone, there are a few guidelines to follow when trading coupons. Essentially, it is up to both parties to make an agreement on what they accept and give away in return.

Generally speaking, where coupons are concerned, it's dollar for dollar value. Bear in mind that a free purchase coupon (FPC) is probably going to be worth more to someone than a 75 cent off coupon. Just use good judgement and confirm that the person you are swapping with is happy with your offer.

It's also nice to throw in a couple of extra coupons in your envelope. People will be much more likely to trade coupons with you again if you have been generous and mailed your envelope swiftly and on time.

If trading through a coupon forum or group then it's a good idea to check on the etiquette rules for that forum before you start. Always, always, always, mail your coupons out when you promise to do so. Keep to your word and you'll build yourself an excellent reputation.

Many more coupon swapping opportunities will present themselves when you show yourself to be a trustworthy coupon trader.

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