Canadian Coupon Terminology

Are you baffled by all the coupon terminology? This page will help you to understand what some of those baffling coupon terms mean, such as WUB, FPC, RLF, SDM and RCSS.

You've probably come across some of this coupon terminology in the Canadian forum sites, where couponers get together to discuss coupons, deals and free stuff that they have found.

Why all the baffling abbreviations?

Over time, couponing terms have simply become shortened to save time during these discussions.

A lot of the coupon terminology is self-explanatory but some of these had me confused for a while!

  • $1.00/1: Get $1 off one product
  • $1.00/2: Get $1 off 2 products
  • B1G1: Buy one, get one free
  • B2G1: Buy two, get one free
  • BOGO: Buy one, get one
  • Booklet: Usually a booklet of coupons and/or recipes found in stores
  • Coupon Insert: Flyer inserts found inside newspapers that have advertisements and coupons
  • Envie: Envelope, when referring to coupon swapping or trading
  • EXP: Expires, or expiry date
  • FPC: Free Purchase Coupon; a coupon that entitles you to receive the product for free, regardless of the store price.
  • HV: High Value
  • In-Store Coupon: A coupon designed to be used in a specific store and usually found on the Store's Facebook page or in their weekly flyer.
  • LD: London Drugs
  • Manufacturer Coupon: A coupon made and offered by the manufacturer of the product
  • MFR: Manufacturer.
  • MIR: Mail in Rebate; a special rebate that you receive by submitting proof of a qualifying product
  • NF: No Frills
  • OOP: Out-of-Pocket; the amount of money you have to pay out of your own pocket after all discounts have been applied
  • PAH: Print at home
  • Peelie: A sticky manufacturer coupon found on products within a store.
  • PG or P&G: Proctor and Gamble
  • POP: Proof of Purchase
  • PP: Purchase Price
  • Product Coupon: A coupon found inside of the packaging of a product
  • Raincheck or RC: A promise note from a store that if a product is not available then you may come back to the store at a later time and redeem your coupon.
  • RCSS: Real Canadian Superstore
  • RLF: Really Looking For
  • RP: Redplum; a newspaper coupon insert
  • RRLF: Really, Really Looking For
  • SCOP: Scanning Code of Practice
  • SDM: Shoppers Drug Mart
  • SMP: Specially Marked Packages
  • SS: Smartsource; a newspaper coupon insert
  • Stacking: Multiplying two or more promotions, for example two coupons with different UPS codes, or applying more than one online promo code during an online purchase.
  • Store Loyalty Card: A card supplied by the store to give you additional points or rewards for being a Customer with that store.
  • Tear Pad: A type of coupon offered by Manufacturer's and typically found in Grocery Stores near to the product, or at the end of the aisles.
  • Transaction: Any one given purchase, regardless of the amount of items bought.
  • UPC: Universal Product Code; the scannable bar code located on the product itself, not the coupon.
  • WM: Walmart
  • WUB: When you buy
  • WUS: When you spend
  • YMMV: Your Mileage May Vary. A term that explains how each couponer may have a different shopping experience.

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