How to Earn Money With a Website in Canada

Many people entertain the idea of starting a home-based business to earn money with a website, but just don't know where to start.

This feeling is not uncommon!

I for one searched countless hours and days trying to figure out how I could possibly begin my own website and run it myself on a daily basis.

Now, for the past year, I am earning most of my online income right here in Canada from this website, I can enjoy running the website from any location that has Internet access and so that gives me the freedom to do the things I enjoy in life.

If I had never stumbled across SBI! (which stands for "Site Build It!") then I can honestly say that I would still be sitting here pondering on it today.

You see, I had thought about starting a free blog, or website, but was concerned that I knew nothing about Search Engine Optimization, Keyword Analysis, or even how to choose the right niche to build the foundations of a website on.

More importantly, I was looking for a solution that would build help me to build a PROPER income-producing business, one that would replace the income that I used to earn from traditional employment.

When I discovered "Site Build It!" I was first intrigued by the fact that it was an all-inclusive instructional and setup package for even the most amateur of entrepreneurs. With their powerful block-builder technology, building this website step-by-step has been more straightforward than I could ever have imagined.

To begin with, my income was only a small fraction of what I used to receive earning a full-time salary. However, I found that when I added more quality content, my traffic increased, and hence my income has begun to grow.

Building Your First Website

Choosing to begin building an online-based business from home is certainly possible for anyone with a hobby or passion that they feel comfortable writing about and sharing with other people.

For me personally, I can safely say that this was the best career move that I could ever have made.

You too could earn money online by building a website around any hobby or passion that you enjoy sharing. In my case, I help people save money through offering coupons, discounts and daily deals - and at the same time earn a passive income through affiliate links. It's a win-win situation all round.

The great thing about SBI's Action Guide is that you are free to build your income-producing website at your own pace, with their guidance. It is something that can be built up part-time, or full-time, depending on your own schedule.

Monetizing any topic or niche is easy with Site Build It! There's a helping hand every step of the way from choosing your niche, to analyzing your keywords, writing your pages and then monetizing them.

Essentially, the concept to earn money with a website is built around a structured 4-step business plan:

  • Content - this is the first building block to any website. With recent changes to the way that search engines view a website, original content is of paramount important to the success of any online business. Therefore, if you can create original, unique and interesting content based around your subject matter, then choosing to earn money with a website will hardly feel like "work" at all!
  • Traffic - the second step is to encourage traffic to visit your site. The Action Guide supplied with SBI! was crucial to my understanding of how to drive genuine traffic, and lots of it. Understanding how to drive traffic to your website will earn you high ranks within the search engines, and ultimately drive more income.
  • PreSell - when you build trust with visitors to your website, they will keep coming back for more. Therefore it is crucial to build a trustworthy relationship with visitors to your site, providing value and substance in your content.
  • Monetize - lastly in the 4-step process to earn money with a website comes the "monetize" stage. This is when you will make money from your website through offering goods, services, affiliate links or perhaps Google Adsense.

This business model will really set you on the right track to earn money with a website. It is naive to think that if you startup a free website and place a bunch of affiliate links in it that visitors will come and buy your stuff - it just won't happen!

So if you're seriously thinking about starting a REAL HOME-BASED BUSINESS to make money online then check out Site Build It! and you won't be disappointed.

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