Requesting Free Canadian Coupons from Companies

One of the best ways to get free Canadian coupons by mail is to register with coupon sites like Brandsaver, Websaver, and These are just three of the popular mail-at-home coupon websites mail out high value grocery coupons to anywhere in Canada for absolutely no cost.

But perhaps you are looking to save money on a particular brand or product that is not featured on those sites?

If there are specific products that you enjoy, and you simply can't find coupons for them, then it could be very worthwhile to contact the Companies directly and ask if they can help.

I have had quite a bit of success in receiving some very high value coupons, just by calling Companies and telling them that I enjoy using their products.

Some Companies That Have Sent Me Free Coupons

Johnson and Johnson Coupons

I regularly use Aveeno products, including shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer and lip balm.

Sometimes, Aveeno offer coupons through promotions on the Aveeno Canada Facebook page, or through the Living Well website, but not always.

Since it's a brand that I regularly use and enjoy, I decided to call Johnson & Johnson and speak with someone in their Consumer Affairs department, to ask if they might be able to send me some coupons towards my future purchases.

Johnson & Johnson were very obliging in sending me some free coupons, which I received by mail after just a few days. I was excited to receive 2 x $3.00 coupons that could be redeemed against any product in the Clean & Clear, Neutrogena, Lubiderm or Aveeno range.

The person I spoke with on the phone gave me a reference number and told me that I was welcome to call once a month to request these coupons! Now I enjoy receiving these free Canadian coupons by mail on a regular basis.

Although I cannot guarantee that your experience will be the same, it's worth calling them to ask.

  • To contact Johnson & Johnson yourself, telephone 1-866-565-2229.
Colgate Coupons

Another product that I use regularly is Colgate toothpaste, and so I emailed Colgate Palmolive Canada to explain that I enjoy their product.

I simply asked them if they currently have any coupons available that they could send me by mail.

A couple of weeks later, I received 5 x $1.00 off coupons in the mail! The coupons were good for any brand of Colgate Palmolive Canada: Fleecy, Lady Speed Stick, Irish Spring, Speedstick, Palmolive, Colgate and Softsoap.

  • To contact Colgate yourself, click here to send them an email through their website.

These are just a couple of good Companies that have been known to occasionally send out free Canadian coupons by mail.

If there is a specific product or brand that you are trying to find coupons for, then it is certainly worthwhile contacting the Company to ask about any current promotional offers or the possibility of receiving some coupons directly from them. Here is a list of Canadian Companies that have been known to send out free coupons:

It really is encouraging to know that many Companies are obliging in sending out some coupons directly to consumers of their products. However, please do only contact Companies directly if you are genuinely interested in their products they have to offer.

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