About Group Buying in Canada

Group Buying

Group buying is taking Canada by storm, and it is helping Canadians to literally save thousands of dollars on the purchase of local products and services.

Also called "collective buying", it essentially means that any type of product or service can be offered to a consumer at a significantly reduced price, provided that a pre-determined amount of people take advantage of the opportunity.

As the name suggests, daily deals online usually last only 1 day (although sometimes 2-3 days or more). However, when the required amount of buyers have stepped up and bought the deal, it's gone.

Steep discounts of up to 90% can be achieved, but the very best deals tend to go really fast!

The Origin of Group Buying

It is thought that group buying first originated in China, where consumers were buying large quantities of the same item and retailers promoted this in full force by offering group deals and discounts.

This technique soon spread across the world and for some is being recognized as a brand new generation of couponing.

About Daily Deal Websites

To capitalize on the growing demand for discounts and significant saving opportunities, new Companies emerged in recent years to provide this whole new shopping experience to us all. You've probably already heard of some of the major online players such as Groupon, Teambuy and WagJag, to name just a few.

Teambuy was actually the first website to emerge in Canada offering group deals, and now competes with the other major sites that excite us with daily deals online.

Groupon is probably the most world-wide recognized daily deal website, offering 50-90% on a range of things you can "see, do, buy and eat" in 48 countries worldwide, including Canada of course.

Today, there are more than 100 websites and aggregators advertising group buying deals in Canada, most of them highlighting a "daily deal" or "deal of the day".

It would seem that the higher the demand for extreme savings by consumers in Canada, the greater success these group buying sites have in negotiating incredible deals with the merchants.

The negotiation of group deals is of course an excellent form of advertising for local stores and merchants. They can very quickly promote themselves to large groups of new or existing customers. Customers, in turn, quickly snap up the opportunity to make big savings and may likely sign up to receive regular notifications for future deals.


WagJag has become an incredibly successful group buying site in Canada, largely due to it's popular "grocery" section. Each week, they offer new deals on food and household products that you might typically consume at home, in addition to a variety of other daily deals.

One of the reasons that I particularly like WagJag is because Telus Mobility Customers qualify for a monthly $10 credit to spend on WagJag deals!

Considering the fact that some of the daily deals offered through this site cost $10 or less, it is sometimes possible to pick up FREE deals when you apply your Telus credit.

Telus credits expire at the end of each month cannot be carried forward, so you may as well take advantage of them and try to scoop a free (or near-free deal) every single month.

This month, I put my Telus credit towards a pack of 4 Dove Deodorants and only paid $2 out of my own pocket. We also put my husband's Telus credit to work, grabbing a $10 deal for a pizza and 2 drinks at a nearby restaurant that we haven't tried before. We are looking forward to enjoying our free meal!

If you are a Telus Mobility customer, then sign up to WagJag by clicking here (you will be asked to provide your Telus Mobility number). Then, the $10 credits will automatically show in your account on the first of every month! Please be aware that this offer may be removed at any time.

What Can We Save Money On?

Some of the most popular deals (and therefore the ones that tend to feature most prominently and get snapped up fast) are those for beauty and spa treatments, restaurant dining or grocery, entertainment, travel, sports and other recreational and leisure activities.

However, group buying sites are literally able to negotiate with any merchant that they can think of, so there is really no limit to the type of group deals that can be offered!

How to Take Advantage of the Daily Deals Online

If you want to quickly view all the best daily deals for your city (all in one place, rather than checking each of the individual group buying websites) then click here to check our daily deal aggregator. You will find the top deals listed by demographic location, as well as top picks for online and travel deals.

If you'd rather browse the individual websites, then I highly recommend the ones listed in the menu on the left hand side of this page. They consistently offer excellent opportunities for Canadian residents to save money.