and Finding Hidden Coupons Logo is another great site with hidden coupons; they mail out grocery and household coupons free of charge and you can find some really great offers on this site and through various Manufacturer portals.

If you looking for coupons for brands such as General Mills, Purina, So Nice, Kraft, Ristorante, Enfamil, Thinsations, Pediasure and Majesta then you will certainly benefit from registering with and ordering coupons on a regular basis.

Once you have registered your details, and you can begin ordering your free coupons right away. You are even permitted to order as little as one coupon at a time if you want!

While you are logged in, remember to scroll down and try the portals to hidden coupons. Sometimes they are active and sometimes they are not, but there are often some hidden gems to be found! It is always a good feeling to find hidden money-saving opportunities on the Internet, especially when they are in the form of coupons that are mailed out to you for FREE!

Current Coupons Portals to Hidden Coupons

NEW! Kraft Coupons
Italpasta Coupons
Yoplait Coupons
Savings Made Delicious Portal
Ristorante Coupons
Philadelphia Coupons
Purina Coupons
McCormick Coupons
Proplan Coupons
Pediasure Coupons
HaveWhatYouCrave Coupons

TIP: Log in first via the main frame above, and then click each of these links in turn to check for hidden coupons for that brand. A new browser window will open for your convenience. Since you will already be logged in to the site, it will be simple and fast to add any additional coupons to your cart.

Please note that although clicking on any of the links above will activate the additional Manufacturer portals, the hidden coupons themselves are subject to availablility and are not guaranteed.

Why Are The Coupons Hidden Anyway?

In addition to the coupons that you will find on the main page of the website, it is occasionally possible to find more special offers but they are obrtainable through different URL addresses like the ones listed above.

This is partly because Manufacturers offer their own promotions from their websites and then redirect the consumer to their unique portal address at

It might be a bit quirky to get used to this, but when you click on one of the links above, you will be presented with any hidden coupons for that portal as well as's standard offers.

Provided you understand that sometimes there will be extra coupons, and sometimes there won't, all will be well :)

How to Find Manufacturer Portals Yourself

If you want to have a go at finding hidden coupons yourself then it is actually quite simple to do so.

Just go to and type in the following:


Your search results will be similiar to the list displayed in the screenshot below. Within these search results, you may find some additional portals that lead to hidden coupons! Try it out for yourself! hidden portals


For over 20 years, has helped Manufacturers of high-quality packaged goods to distribute their products to Canadian consumers. To do this, they present attractive savings by offering coupons on such brands.

Canadians everywhere can enjoy money-saving discount coupons on products they enjoy, including grocery items as well as health & beauty products.

By allowing consumers to select only the coupons they intend to redeem, there is a focus on environmental concerns and eliminating waste. Even though you may order as little as one coupon at a time, it is emphasised that you pay attention to redeeming any and all coupons ordered.

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Another great plus about this website is that they strive to mail out your coupons on the next business day using Canada Post's first class mail service, so you do get them really quickly!

Since the service is intended for Canadian consumers only, it is important to note that all coupons will be valid in Canada only. Also, each coupon will have its own expiry date.