Learning How to Extreme Coupon in Canada

Many people wonder if it's possible to learn how to extreme coupon in Canada. The short answer is "yes", but it's somewhat different than what you might have already seen on TV. In the United States, extreme couponing involves the use of coupons to an excessive extent. This is partly achieved by combining double or triple coupon days to to pay next to nothing for hundreds of dollars worth of groceries!

In Canada, our version of extreme couponing works a bit differently. When we think about how to extreme coupon in Canada, the best way to look at it is "how can we use our coupons to maximize our savings?" Yes, there are definitely some really useful techniques to "kick it up a notch" but if you're hoping to get all your groceries for free then you're probably going to be disappointed.

Before we start looking at some advanced couponing techniques, be sure to know the basics of couponing first. Read the earlier sections of my guide first, and you will soon be up to speed and ready to learn how to to extreme coupon, the Canadian way.

The Truth About Coupon Stacking

Coupon stacking refers to redeeming multiple coupons against a specific product. This is a form of extreme couponing that is very successful in the U.S., but quite out of favour here in Canada. Ther only store to permit coupon stacking in Canada is London Drugs, although it can be tricky to get it right.

Stacking coupons is only possible when each of the multiple coupons has a different UPS (the number located underneath the barcode on the coupon). It works like this: say you find an item on sale for $5 and it usually sells for $6. You will already make $1 saving just because the item has been reduced. This is the perfect opportunity to redeem your coupons.

If you happen to have three coupons, one for $1, one for $1.50 and one for $2.50 (all with different UPS codes), then you can "stack" these coupons by handing all three to the cashier at the checkout. The cashier would process all three coupons, leaving you with nothing to pay, and your purchase is free. This essentially explains how to extreme coupon with stacking.

I should mention, however, that finding multiple coupons with different UPS codes can be stressful, and is usually only achieved through a great deal of coupon swapping negotiations. If you think that you might like to look into coupon stacking further, refer to the Coupon Policies section for the most up-to-date information.

Overages Can Put Money Back in Your Pocket

"Overage" happens when the value of your coupon is worth more than the value of the product. Let's say that a Covergirl mascara goes on sale for $3.50 and you happen to have a coupon for "$4 off any Covergirl product". The overage for this transaction is 50 cents.

Most stores would simply process your coupon as $3.50 and make it a "wash". Walmart is the only store that will actually pay the overage out to you.

So, the transaction that I gave as an example would actually make you 50 cents richer!

Some money-savers like to learn how to extreme coupon by experimenting with overage opportunities. If you really wanted to know how to extreme coupon with opportunities such as this, then you could potentially collect multiple coupons (either by trading, or by asking friends and families to save up the coupons for you), and then collect a nice tidy sum of overages at every chance you get.

Online Coupons Yield Extreme Savings

Becoming a successful couponer is about recognizing that there are money saving opportunities everywhere!

We've looked at how traditional "paper" coupons can save a large portion of money off your grocery shopping. But what about retail shopping? This is where online coupons come in.

The savings to be found with retail coupons are so huge, that ideally you shouldn't limiting yourself to just one type of couponing.

If you buy clothes, jewelry, electronics, gifts, vacations, cars - in fact pretty well anything - online, then you will pleased to know that finding discounts in the form of online coupons is an essential money-saving technique.

It is also possible to "stack" online coupons at certain stores, with some very impressive results!

If you really want to learn how to extreme coupon in Canada, then check out the online coupons section of this website, and easily find 50-90% discounts off merchandise at all your favorite stores!

Group Buying Takes Canada By Storm

Have you heard of group buying? Group buying, as per the official definition on Wikipedia, "offers products and services at significantly reduced prices on the condition that a minimum number of buyers would make the purchase."

This is how it's possible for major Companies such as Groupon, Living Social and Teambuy to offer us a flowing cascade of daily deals and massive discounts!

With group buying deals, it's truly possible to save between 50-90% off products and services offered in your local city in Canada.

Thanks to the power of group buying, extreme couponing in Canada is well and truly alive and kicking!

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