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McDonalds Canada offers many coupons and seasonal promotions, and so it's relatively easy to save quite a bit of money at McDonald's restaurants.

It's no secret that McDonalds has become a favourite casual and drive-through restaurant for many families in Canada and all across the world.

You can literally enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner with everything from a cup of McCafe and a Sausage-and-Egg McMuffin, to a McChicken sandwich meal deal, plus desserts and milkshakes to boot. New additions are being made to the menu all the time.

I've recently discovered their new real fruit smoothies, a creamy and smooth blend of fresh fruit together with yogurt and ice - perfect for summer! The flavours available include mango pineapple, strawberry banana and blueberry pomegranate.

Have you tried the new smoky BBQ angus third pounder? Known as "a thing of beauty" this burger is a full third-pound of Angus beef with smoky BBQ sauce, onion bits and bacon...delicious!

Ways to Save Money at McDonalds Canada

While menu prices at McDonalds Canada are already wonderfully low, the bargain-hunter inside us yearns for even better deals. That said, below you will find a list of ways to get hold of printable coupons, coupon booklets by mail, as well as some sneaky tips on how to find even more coupons to redeem at any McDonald's location.

Printable Coupons

Up to $42 in Printable Coupons - these coupons are offered directly from the McDonalds Canada website, and change on a frequent basis (usually monthly). The way these promotions work is that you must select the province and city that you live in to view and print the available offers.

A few pointers here: you can only print one set of coupons per day so before you hit the "print" button, do check that your printer is turned on and has enough ink for the coupons to print clearly. If you happen to cancel then not to worry because the system will allow you to print again. Make sure that you have enough paper loaded, since these printable coupons might run to 2 or even 3 pages long! To redeem them, just bring them along to any participating McDonald's restaurant and start saving money.

Printing these coupons is by far the quickest and easiest way to get great savings at McDonalds Canada. Recent offers have included "buy one get one free", "2 can dine for just $9.48" and so on.

However, you may find from time to time that the feature is disabled while they work on updating their system to get ready for the next round of special offers. If this happens, then don't give up; simply check back at another time or watch my Canadian Coupons Blog Page for updates.

Facebook Coupons

Additionally, by becoming a fan of the McDonalds Facebook page, you'll be among the first to know about exciting new coupons. Some of the latest ones I have seen there include:

  • Multigrain bagel sandwiches for 50% off.
  • Coffee for only $1 on Dollar Drink Days.
  • $2 off any regular price entree salad (printable coupons)

Special surprises are reserved especially for McDonalds Canada Facebook Fans, so you'll probably want to head over to Facebook and "Like" their page right away! You just never know what special offer or discount they might have up their sleeves for you.

Coupons by Mail:

McDonald's sometimes offers coupon booklets to Canadian residents through mail campaigns. These campaigns may occur through bulk-mailing or because your email address or home address is stored in their database. Either way, if you enjoy using coupons to save money at McDonald's restaurants, then these coupon booklets will likely be very valuable to you and your family.

Should you want to get your hands on more of these booklets then there are a number of things that you could do. If you find a money-saving booklet in your own mailbox then it is likely that each of your neighbours have received one also. However, it is also extremely likely that many of them will get tossed away or recycled because they are considered junk or simply not wanted.

Really, there's nothing stopping you from taking a quick peek in the nearby garbage or recycling bin and collecting more copies of these treasures. It might not be the most pleasant experience, but if you are a serious bargain-hunter then this is the best way to strike gold :)

Enrol Some Help?

Another way to find more coupons (and perhaps more respectable than hunting through the garbage bins?) might be to simply ask friends and family to pass on any extras to you. They will most likely oblige if they don't intend on using the coupons for themselves.

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