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Online Coupons Canada: When it comes to shopping online, there are simply tons of hidden discounts and free promotional codes available to help you save money!

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What are "Online Coupons"?

Online Coupons Canada

Just like paper coupons, online coupons are also a method of saving money when shopping for goods and services.

Most people consider "online coupons" to be electronic vouchers, promotional codes and discounts that are found online and then subsequently redeemed against purchases that are also made online.

In that respect, they are not physical pieces of paper that are clipped and taken to a grocery store or shopping mall.

Having said that, you may also find coupons online for retailers which need to be printed and then redeemed in person. Such merchants include Michaels and Staples, for example.

Generally speaking, "Online Coupons Canada" is a common phrase that consumers search for on the Internet, with the hope of returning discounts, promotional codes and other great deals offered by Canadian retailers, online merchants and stores.

Due to the wide availablilty of online goods and services, you are likely to save much more money using online retail coupons than if you use grocery coupons alone!

The reason for this is because online coupons can offer discounts of up to 90% on regular retail prices, and are mostly offered towards products with a higher dollar value.

For example, it's certainly possible to achieve substantial discounts on goods and services that you might typically buy every day, including clothing, electronics, books, gifts, jewelry, vacations and so on.

In fact, wherever you can find a product or service to purchase over the Internet, there is a good chance that you could reduce the cost of buying it by first finding a coupon code or discount coupon.

One way to quickly find many money-saving opportunities is to simply Google "Online Coupons Canada" and you will soon realize the potential to save big bucks when shopping online.

I am so aware of this reality, that I only shop online when there is a featured sale, discount, or promotional code available!

For that reason, I have teamed up with your favorite Canadian merchants to bring you the best offers directly through! Use the navigation links on the left hand side of this page to find great offers from your favorite retailer.

What are "Free Promotional Codes"?

While Online Coupons Canada are generally links to special money-saving offers, free promotional codes are a little bit different.

Free promotional codes offered by online stores usually consist of multiple letters and numbers that are entered during the final stages of checkout. The format of each promo code will vary from store to store, however their purpose is the same as online coupons. They are essentially another advertising strategy that will provides Customers with the opportunity to save money when shopping on a particular website.

Free promotional codes may offer certain perks to the shopper such as "free shipping", or perhaps an additional percentage off the cost of their transaction. The realization of these savings are made when the code is inserted into the special "promo code" box at the checkout stage (as long as the promo code is valid and was redeemed against a qualifying purchase).

When browsing through the "Online Coupons Canada" on this site you will most likely find online coupon links as well as Canadian coupon codes. Just choose the promotions that make the most sense for you as you shop for the products you need.

With some offers, it may be possible to combine an online coupon with a free promotional code for combined savings. Some online merchants also allow you to "stack" coupon codes; that is to say, you may be able to redeem multiple offers in one transaction, depending on the permissions of each individual merchant.

Who Benefits from these Shopping Discounts?

The way that online coupons work is quite straightforward. Online merchants want to encourage consumers to visit their websites and purchase their goods, and so they occasionally offer very attractive discounts, which are promoted by coupon websites ("affiliates") just like

When a shopper clicks on an online coupon link, they are taken to the merchant's website to get more information about that particular promotion. By accessing the website through the special link, the savings are made instantly available and the shopper can proceed to finalize the purchase, or simply continue browsing.

The main advantages of online coupons are therefore threefold:

  • The online merchant is happy because he or she has succeeded in spreading the word about products and special offers, and has potentially brought new custom to his or her website,
  • The promoter of the online coupon (affiliate) will receive a small commission on each sale as thanks for promoting the online coupon,
  • The shopper is of course delighted to have saved money on his or her web purchase and soon realizes the benefits of finding more online coupons that can be used at other online stores.

The online coupons featured on this site are intended for residents of Canada only. Online coupons Canada are regularly updated and are swiftly removed when they expire. If I have missed any expired online coupons, or if certain free promotional codes did not work for you then please contact me.

Also, I am adding new Canadian companies to this page on an on-going basis, so if you think a specific Company should be featured here then please let me know.

Be sure to check this page frequently to get access to exciting new coupons for all your favorite Canadian Stores!

Extreme Online Couponing

Here is a final word for the "Extreme Couponer"...

Anyone wishing to maximizing their savings using online coupons and Canadian coupon codes should apply similar techniques to that of traditional couponing.

The best savings are always achieved when redeeming coupons against a product that is already on sale.

Therefore, with online shopping, always be on the hunt for bargains, clearance offers and stackable coupons just as you would with traditional couponing.

You will soon find yourself searching for more "Online Coupons Canada" and "Free Promotional Codes" for anything and everything that you can possibly buy online, and will most likely amaze yourself by the money that you are able to save!