Tim Hortons Coupons, Discounts and Freebies

Frustrated looking for Tim Hortons coupons and discounts? The savings do exist, and on this page I will show you exactly where and how to find them!

Tim Hortons is well-known across Canada as the leading supplier of fresh coffee and baked goods. Many of us would agree that when you're drinking a "single-single" and biting into a fresh donut, life is - well - great :)

Now, officially, Tim Hortons does not participate in any kind of discounting program, nor do they directly offer printable coupons or online discounts.

This is because their policy is to always offer Canadians quality products at every-day low prices (I guess you could say that's the good news as well as the bad news).

However, just because the restaurant doesn't directly offer coupons themselves, it doesn't mean that other companies can't offer incentives such as FREE or discounted Tim Cards! If you can get your hands on these then they essentially act as Tim Hortons coupons because they can be redeemed towards the cost of any food or drink purchased at any Tim Hortons location.

Let's learn more about the Tim Card and then I'll explain the best ways to get hold of one cheaper or even free. I'll also point you in the right direction for other promotional opportunities which could help to save you money when dining at a Tim Hortons restaurant.

What is a "Tim Card?"

A Tim Card is essentially a reloadable card that makes paying for goods very convenient at any Tim Horton's location. They are valid for use both in Canada and in the United States.

Anyone can sign up for a Tim Card and then load an amount onto it. Registering a Tim Card online also protects your balance from theft, as well as allows you to reload your card and check the balance.

How to Get a Tim Card for Free

Shoppers Drug Mart Promotions - frequently, Shoppers Drug Mart offer incentives to purchase health and wellness products at their drugstore by giving away free Tim Hortons Quickpay cards when you spend $50 or more.

Generally speaking, you have to buy eligible goods excluding prescriptions, tobacco, lottery tickets and certain other items. If you are a regular customer at Shoppers Drug Mart then keep your eyes peeled for this promotion because it comes up quite often.

Transitions Rewards

This website allows you to shop online for various goods and services, earn points and then redeem for branded merchandise and gift cards. You can redeem points for free Tim Cards when you collect enough points.

Finding Discounted Tim Cards

When people are given gift cards that they no longer want, they become available to buy on Canadian websites such as Cardswap.ca. If you're looking for a way to get Tim Hortons coupons for 10% off or more, then buying a discounted gift card may be your solution.

Other Promotions

As well as saving money with free and discounted Tim Cards, it's a good idea to check the Tim Horton's Facebook Page for other ongoing promotions. You are unlikely to find Tim Hortons coupons as such, however there are always fun promotions and activities that make drinking their coffee even more fun.

Most Timmy's lovers know about the "RRRRoll up Your Rim" promotions each year, but for those of you who don't know, purchase a Timmy's coffee while the promotion is on and simply roll up your rim to see if you've won a prize. While this promotion isn't exactly a coupon, it's a great way for many people to win free coffee, donuts and other prizes - including high-value items such as high definition TVs and vehicles!

You may also be interested to know (and this is totally off the topic of Tim Hortons coupons but a fun snippet nonetheless) that you can buy Tim Hortons fine ground coffee online at the "Tim Shop" so that you can make it fresh at home. It's also possible to participate in a coffee subscription program whereby you can automatically have coffee delivered straight to your door, by Canada Post, as often as you decide. Not many people know that!

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