Websaver and Finding Hidden Coupons

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WebSaver is a Canadian website offering a variety of different coupons from recognizable brands, that are redeemable in Canada. If you are looking for free mail-at-home coupons as well as printable coupons, then I highly recommend registering to this site.

It is very worthwhile to sign up with them because you can often find some really good money-saving coupons, including "free purchase coupons" (FPC) on occasion. Plus, it usually only takes a few days for your envelope to arrive in the mail!

WebSaver is also now offering "Print at Home" (PAH) coupons, which means that you can also print certain coupons on demand rather than needing to wait for them to arrive in the mail. You can find out more about the recent changes to their service here.

Access the latest coupons now by clicking "Start Saving Now" in the iframe below (coupons for certain brands are "hidden" in Manufacturer portals; I will show how to access these further down this page.) NOTE: If you experience "flashing" and cannot access the coupons then please use the quick link to Websaver.ca just below:

Current Websaver Coupons

Portals to Hidden Coupons

Mattel Holiday Coupons
Life Made Delicious - Cheerios Coupons
Pedigree Coupons
Print at Home Coupons
Arm and Hammer Coupons
Catelli Smart Coupons
Back To School Coupons
More Barbie Coupons
So Nice Coupons
Life Made Delicious Coupons
Nestle Coupons
Nestle Good Start Coupons
Ryza Coupons
Orville Coupons
Kellogg's Coupons
Cashmere Coupons
Hill's Science Diet Coupons
So Good Coupons
Maple Leaf Coupons
Maybelline Coupons
Colgate Optic White
Cesar Dog Food Coupons
Cheerios Coupons
Nutrigrain Coupons
Jamieson Coupons
Cetaphil Coupons
Coke Coupons (Coke code required)
Right at Home (Registration required)
Almond Fresh Coupons
Kellogg's Rice Krispies Coupons
Kellogg's All Bran Coupons
Kellogg's Special K Coupons
Kelloggs Coupons - Various
Colgate Coupons
Krinos Coupons
Astro Greek Coupons
Healthy Choice Coupons
Old El Paso Coupons
Speedstick Coupons
Jergens Coupons
Olivieri Coupons
Dempster's Coupons
Clorox Coupons
Health Check Coupons
L'Oreal Paris Coupons
Dial Cityline Coupons
Schneiders Coupons
Green Works Coupons

Each of these links should open a hidden Manufacturer portal, but the availability of hidden coupons is not always guaranteed.

NOTE: You will need to be logged into Websaver before you can browse for additional coupons or add any hidden coupons to your cart. Otherwise, the system may not retain your selections in the shopping cart when you switch to another portal.

Finding and Using Coupon Portals Yourself

Many people are curious about how they can find or access hidden coupons for themselves. It's actually quite a straightfoward process when you've done it a couple of times.

To search for the most up-to-date portals using Google, go to www.google.ca in the new browser window that you opened and type in the following:


websaver hidden portals

The search results that you receive from Google will be similiar to those seen in the above image.

Looking through the list of search results, you will probably see several links to hidden portals such as Kellogg's, Maybelline, Catelli Smart, Colgate, Dempter's, L'Oreal Paris, and more.

To access any available hidden coupons, simply click through each link where you will be taken to that Manufacturer's portal. In the portal, you will usually either see valid coupons that you can click and add to cart, or a message to let you know that there are no coupons available from that Manufacturer at that time. If there are any active coupons then you simply click on each one to add them into your cart.

Remember, because you are still logged in to the service in another web browser you can toggle back to the Google search results and check more portals, while remaining logged into the site.

Soon you will become very familiar with the process to quickly check for new portals!

If you wanted to modify your search to find only the portals that have been created or modified very recently, simply modify your Google search to only return results from the past 24 hours. If no results are returned then you know for sure that you are not missing out on any new WebSaver hidden coupons!

So now you know how it's possible to search for hidden coupons that can be redeemed in Canada! To make life even easier, you will find below a list of quick links to Websaver portals; just click on each link to check if they are active or not.

More About the Websaver Service

If you are looking for coupons for brands such as Dempster's, Kellogg's, Aylmer, Purex, Alpen, Jergens, Old El Paso, Jamieson, Speedstick, Colgate, Nutrigrain, Maple Leaf, Maybelline, Coke and Catelli then you have come to the right place!

Signing up is quick and easy to do. Simply fill in the required information, including your name and address so that they know where to mail your free coupons.

A minimum of 4 mail-to-home coupons must be requested for each order placed, but if you do not meet this minimum requirement then you may save your coupons for future orders.

Once you have placed your order, the offers will close for a certain period of time to control the amount of coupons that each household receives. At that time, some deals will become "greyed out" until they are available to order again.

It is important to know that because this service is intended for Canadian residents only, the coupons you receive are only valid and redeemable in Canada. Each coupon carries its own expiry date.